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10 Most Common Uses of LAN Cable

1: The Internet cable.
2: Used as a telephone line.
3: Replaces the video cable.
Analog camera video is usually transmitted by video line, but in fact, using LAN Cable is the same effect, but one thing to pay attention to is the choice of LAN Cable, the distance is relatively close to the general choice of indoor LAN Cable. But if the distance is far, it must use pure copper outdoor special.
4: HD monitoring
Millions of hd cameras, all with cable. Of course, you need fiber optics for long distances. One LAN Cable with one camera, or one with two.
5: Used as a power cable
This is usually used less, generally do not use. But it does work.
If it's not an emergency, don't take it. Be sure to handle the interface even if you take it! And had better mark, otherwise later in case others repair, do not know may be electrocuted!
6: Used as an audio cable
Sometimes when installing the monitor, the customer will need to collect synchronous recording! 
At this time if there is no audio line at hand, you can use the LAN Cable to replace, and the effect is absolutely not worse than the audio line. Do not need a very good LAN Cable, the general can achieve the effect completely.
7: Replace the USB cable
LAN Cable instead of USB cable, quality is better than ordinary USB extension cable.
8: Jumper welding
When welding circuit boards, often can be used to do jumper welding.
9: Replace VGA cable to transmit VGA image information.
10: Connects to the serial cable.
Do this serial cable, only need to connect three wire head, the main purpose is to use in the serial electronic display, used to transmit data. Because the general ready-made serial cable is relatively short.