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What is a fiber optic system

Optical fiber is the abbreviation for optical fiber. Optical fiber communication is a communication method in which light waves are used as information carriers and optical fibers are used as transmission media. From a principle point of view, the basic material elements that make up optical fiber communication are optical fibers, light sources, and light detectors. In addition to the classification of optical fibers according to manufacturing process, material composition and optical characteristics, in applications, optical fibers are often classified according to use, and can be divided into optical fibers for communication and optical fibers for sensing. Transmission medium fiber is divided into general and special two types, and functional device fiber refers to the fiber used to complete the functions of light wave amplification, shaping, frequency division, frequency multiplication, modulation, and optical oscillation. The form appears.

Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves as a carrier wave and optical fiber as a transmission medium to transmit information from one place to another. It is called "wired" optical communication. Nowadays, optical fiber is far superior to the transmission of cable and microwave communication due to its transmission frequency bandwidth, high anti-interference ability and low signal attenuation. It has become the main transmission method in the world communication.