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The structure of the fiber optic panel

(1) Structure composition
a) The optical fiber panel is composed of a front cover, and a bottom box that provides optical cable storage, fixed space and devices, installs on-site connectors, provides adapter interfaces, and provides optical fiber connector protectors.
b) The optical fiber panel has a fixing device for introducing the optical cable and a fixing and protecting device for the optical fiber connector.
c) There is a device for fixing a single SC or double LC type adapter in the optical fiber panel.
d) The face cover and bottom box of the optical fiber panel are made of high-quality PC (flame-retardant polycarbonate) plastic materials.
e) The outer socket of the fiber optic panel adapter should be equipped with a dustproof device when there is no jumper inserted.
f) The optical fiber panel should match the optical fiber connector, and there should be a 60mm straight line free space from the butt point of the optical adapter part connector to the inside of the panel bottom box. At the same time, the panel should have a reliable fixing function to ensure that the optical fiber connector is not loose.
(2) Appearance and size
a) The appearance of the optical fiber panel should be close to or basically the same as the appearance of the strong current panel and the weak current panel, and the color is white
b) Type 86 is used for specifications. Type 86 has a box body size of 86mm×86mm. When type 86 is adopted, the distance between the two mounting screw holes should be 60mm.

c) The shape of the optical fiber panel is complete, and the surface of each component is smooth and uniform in color. The surface coating or plating of metal components has strong adhesion, and the plastic parts have no defects such as burrs, bubbles, cracks, cavities, warpage, impurities, etc.