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Termination method of Patch Panel

First, fix the patch panels on the vertical slide rails of the standard cabinet in sequence and tighten them with screws. Each patch panel needs to be equipped with a 19U distribution management frame.
(1) Before the termination of the wires, the cables must be arranged first. Wrap the cable around the lead-in edge of the patch panel with a tape. It is better to wrap the cable on the hanger of the vertical channel. This can ensure that the cable pair is prevented from being deformed during the movement of the cable.
(2) Pass the cables from right to left, and terminate the cables in the order of numbers on the back;
(3) For each cable, cut off the required length of the outer sheath to facilitate the termination of the wire pair;
(4) For each group of connecting blocks, set the cable through the end retainer (or tie it with a cable tie), which makes the cable pair not deform when the cable moves;
(5) When bending the wire pairs, maintain proper tension to prevent damage to a single wire pair;
(6) The twisting must be correctly placed on the separation point of the connecting block;
(7) Start placing the wire pairs in the index strip on the back of the wiring board in order, and the color codes from right to left are purple, purple/white, orange, orange/white, green, green/white, blue, Blue/white
(8) Use your fingers to gently press the wire pair into the clip of the index strip, use a wire punching tool to press the wire pair into the wiring module and cut off the protruding wire ends, and then use a tapered hook to remove the broken wire ends.
(9) Insert the label into the distribution module to mark this area.