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Definition of fiber pigtail

After the optical cable is laid, it must be connected by optical fiber to form a complete optical fiber transmission link. An optical fiber link has multiple connection points, including connection points such as direct fiber connection, connector termination, and connector interconnection. Therefore, optical fiber connection also has two forms of connection and termination.
Optical fiber termination is the process of connecting an optical fiber connector to an optical fiber and then polishing it. When the optical fiber is terminated, it is required to connect the connector and polish the end of the optical fiber connector to reduce the connection loss. Fiber optic termination is mainly used to make fiber optic jumpers and fiber pigtails.
The fiber pigtail refers to a connector similar to a half jumper used to connect an optical fiber and an optical fiber coupler. It includes a jumper connector and a section of optical fiber.
The fiber pigtail is relatively slender. The pigtail section is an inclined plane with an angle of 8°. It is not resistant to high temperature and will peel off if it exceeds 100°C.

It should be noted that the fiber pigtail and jumper are not the same concept. Only one end of the fiber pigtail is a movable connector, and both ends of the jumper are movable connectors. There are many kinds of interfaces. Different interfaces require different couplers. The jumper is divided into two. It can also be used as a pigtail.