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What are the advantages of optical fiber

Its optical fiber has many advantages of soft copper wire and coaxial cable. Because it has good tensile strength and is relatively small, the optical cable can use thick fibers, and can roughly understand these installation problems. This is the reason why telephone companies like optical fibers. Many existing cable ducts are completely full, and it is impossible to add new cables. Replacing all cables with optical fibers can save a lot of space, and copper material manufacturers increase the price a lot when manufacturing optical fibers compared to copper wires. Optical fiber is much lighter than copper wire. 1,000 1km-long wires weigh up to 8000kg, while the largest 1km-long two stranded wires weigh only 100kg, which is very important to reduce the need for expensive mechanical support systems that must be maintained.

Because optical fibers are not charged, they are reasonable for use in dangerous environments such as flying and easy. The method is that in this environment, if copper wire is used, sparks that burst from the hole when the copper wire breaks will cause an explosion. , If the optical fiber is damaged, it will not cause the danger of electric shock to humans. In addition, traditional copper wires and aluminum wires used for structural wiring installation will cause corrosion, and glass fiber is corrosion resistant. Material.

Especially in terms of signal transmission, optical cable transmission cables have incomparable advantages. Because optical fibers are not affected by electromagnetic fields, optical fibers provide clearer signals than copper wires. The optical fiber will not be affected by contact or power failure. Moreover, the signal attenuation in the optical fiber is small. A repeater is required for every 30 kilometers on a long line, while a repeater is required for copper wires. Decorating optical fibers can save a lot of money. The full length of 550 meters (1800 steps) can be used continuously.

Optical fiber can provide much higher technical attraction than copper wire, which makes it advanced. The data transmission rate of more than 10Gbps has been achieved. This is the ideal basic fiber optic cable technology for the broadband network of tomorrow.

The optical fiber does not leak light and is difficult to detect, so the optical fiber network cannot be heard by the network, and it is a security crime.

The reason for the optical fiber copper wire is due to the different internal physical structure. When electrons communicate with each other along the copper wire, they are also affected by the electrons outside the copper wire. However, the influence of photons in the fiber does not affect each other (no charge and discharge), and it is not affected by photons outside the fiber.

Optical fiber has the following advantages in the later period. From the age of eighties, the characteristics of the wide part gradually formed a narrow-band metal cable. However, optical fiber also has obvious disadvantages, such as its fatal weakness, which is brittle and low in machinery. No, it will break at the cable sheath. The construction staff can cut off, connect, branch and loop technology well. However, with the continuous development of technology, these problems can be solved.