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The benefits of using patch panels

1. Beautiful. The company's network cables are part of the dark lines and part of the open lines. Cable troughs on the wall, and bridges and pipes inside the wall to the computer room. For the sake of beauty, the cables will be arranged after all the wiring is completed, and the cables will be tied up with cable ties, and then lead to the equipment. If you use a patch panel, because the line patch panel will never move in the future, the network cable does not need to have a margin, and it can be exactly the length of the patch panel. It looks good when organized, and hundreds of network cables are from the cabinet. The distribution frame is directly connected inside, and the messy lines are not visible on the surface, which is very beautiful. If you go directly to the switch, you must leave a certain margin, which is very inconvenient and unsightly.

2.Plan ahead.

Generally, in projects, the network location will be designed in the early stage of construction, and a certain margin will be reserved to ensure that the company's network can support the growth of users over a period of time, and the patch panel can be achieved, you can use a few more Root patch panel (not a lot of money), do not plug in the network cable, and then plug it in when the user comes, do not occupy more switch ports, when one switch is not enough, just buy another one. And if you go directly to the switch, you design such a surplus, and you will never use it in the early stage. You have to buy more switches. The cost is too high, and you may not really have that many staff growth. If you don’t buy it, the surplus will be The network cables are all scattered in the cabinet. It is so ugly that it is inconvenient to find at that time


The patch panel can be labeled. After wiring and wiring the patch panel, you need to match the network port under the seat with the port on the patch panel, label it, and you can easily locate it when troubleshooting later. To the port, if you go directly to the switch, even if you put labels on both ends of each network cable, you will still be very difficult to find at that time. A switch has 48 ports and a full network cable. Where do you find the labels.

4. Reduce failures and save costs.

There is a patch panel, you only need to move the network cable from the patch panel to the switch when you plug in or pull out the network cable. If the plug is broken, you have to re-wire it.