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What points should be paid attention to when distinguishing patch panels and jumpers?

Patch panels and jumpers are important tools in the wiring of network cabinets, but you may confuse the two when using them. So what is the difference between the two?
 * Meaning:
The jumper frame is composed of flame-retardant modular plastic parts, which are equipped with a number of toothed bars for terminal wire pairs. The 788J1 special tool can be used to "punch" the wire pairs onto the jumper frame in sequence to complete the voice Termination of backbone cables and voice level cables.
 * Role:
1. It can reduce the loss of network equipment interfaces such as switches
2. The wiring is neat, tidy, beautiful and professional.
Distribution frame 
 * Meaning:
The patch panel is an important component in the management subsystem, and it is the hub that realizes the cross-connection of the two subsystems, vertical trunk line and horizontal wiring.
 * Classification:
The distribution frames commonly used in network engineering include twisted pair distribution frames and optical fiber distribution frames. According to the place of use and purpose, it is divided into two categories: main distribution frame and intermediate distribution frame.
the difference
 1. Purpose
The jumper frame is used to transmit voice signals; the patch frame is used to transmit network signals.
Jumper frame: It looks like fish bones in rows, which is also called fish skeleton. It is generally used by telephone.
Patch panel: Seen from the back, it is similar to the jumper frame, but the front side becomes an RJ45 port, which is specially designed to facilitate the connection of computer network cables.
 2. Prepend the name
Which one refers to between the two depends on its predecessor.
For example, ‘110 jumper frame’ and ‘110 patch frame’ both refer to the same thing; for example, ‘RJ45 patch frame’ and ‘distribution frame’ are generally considered to refer to network patch frame.