The color of copper products in life

Red copper, brass, bronze and cupronickel are all common types of copper in daily life.
Red copper refers to pure copper (also known as red copper in Japan and other regions), and is named for its purple-red appearance. Red copper is usually used in home decorations such as doors, windows, handrails, and roofs. Pure copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to be processed by hot and cold pressure, so it is also widely used in circuit-related industries.
Brass is a copper alloy based on copper and zinc. As the zinc content increases, the color of brass will change from red to golden. Because of its bright appearance like gold, it is often made into various ornaments. Excellent corrosion resistance guarantees the excellent quality of water pipes, valves and air-conditioning branch pipes made of brass.
Bronze is no stranger to it. It has a long history in our country. It has a turquoise appearance after copper is oxidized at room temperature. This is a special color that other metals cannot imitate. In order to pursue the appearance of patina, people often use special methods to corrode new copper and make it old.

Cupronickel is a copper alloy with nickel as the main added element. It is silvery white, and people often used it in utensils and handicrafts in ancient times.