Classification and main uses of wires and cables

(1) Classification of wires and cables
There are many types of wire and cable. Comprehensive product performance, structure and use characteristics, all wire and cable products can be divided into five categories.
1) Bare wires: According to the shape, structure and purpose of the products, they are divided into four series: round wires, overhead stranded wires, flexible wires, shaped wires and profiles.
2) Magnet wire: According to the material, structure, heat resistance grade and purpose of the insulating layer, it can be divided into four categories: enameled wire, fiber wrapped magnet wire, film wrapped magnet wire and inorganic insulated magnet wire.
3) Power cables: According to the insulation type and structure, it can be divided into oil-impregnated paper insulated power cables, plastic insulated power cables and rubber insulated power cables.
4) Wires and cables for electrical equipment: According to the characteristics of the products, they can be divided into general wires and cables, wires and cables for electrical equipment and instruments, wires and cables for vehicles, wires and cables for geological exploration and mining industries, signal control cables, and DC high-voltage cables. .
5) Communication wires and cables: including local telephone cables used for communication networks in cities or local areas, long-distance communication cables (long-distance symmetrical communication cables, coaxial communication cables) used for long-distance communication between cities, office cables, and Various communication wires.
(2) The use of wires and cables

The main purpose of wire and cable is power transmission, electrical communication and winding coils or windings for electrical equipment.