What are the uses of Distribution Box?

The distribution box is a low-voltage complete set of equipment that assembles switchgear, measuring instruments, protective electrical appliances and auxiliary equipment. Mainly used in homes, schools, hospitals and other places.

The purpose is to make or break circuits by means of manual or automatic switches. In the event of failure or abnormal operation, the circuit can be cut off or alarmed by means of protective appliances, and various parameters in operation can be displayed by measuring instruments, and prompts or signals to deviate from the normal working state are provided. Power distribution cabinets (boxes) are divided into power distribution cabinets (boxes), lighting distribution cabinets (boxes), and metering cabinets (boxes).

The main function is to provide protection, monitoring and control of circuit loads. Power distribution cabinets are used in situations where the load is relatively scattered and there are few circuits. They distribute the electrical energy of a certain circuit of the upper-level power distribution equipment to the nearest load. Often set in substations, power distribution rooms, etc.