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  • Fiber-optic cables transmit data via fast-traveling pulses of light. Another layer of glass, called “cladding,” is wrapped around the central fiber and causes light to repeatedly bounce off the walls of the cable rather than leak out at the edges, enabling the single to go farther without attenuation.


  • 10 Pair Earth Connection Module is a grounding body mainly made of non-metallic materials. It is composed of non-metallic minerals and electrolytic substances with good conductivity and stability.


  • The distribution box is a low-voltage complete set of equipment that assembles switchgear, measuring instruments, protective electrical appliances and auxiliary equipment. Mainly used in homes, schools, hospitals and other places.


  • 1.Send part: The pulse modulation signal output by the electrical transmitter (electric terminal) is sent to the optical transmitter. The main function of the optical transmitter is to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal and couple it into the optical fiber.


  • MPO/MTP/LC/SC/FC/ST/MTRJ/MU/E2000/DIN fiber patch cords. Although these different types of fiber optic patch cords have similar components (consisting of connectors and cables) and the same functions, there are differences in application scenarios due to their different characteristics and performance.


  • Patch Cord FTP Cat.5E 1M Application: 1) Can be connected to workstation computer and wall socket, 2) For 1G network, 3) Suitable for VoIP, video and file transfer.